Can headaches be prevented?

Oct 3, 2013

Headaches can cause variety symptoms and fluctuate in severity. Every patient is different and dependent on what type of headache you are experiencing, preventative measures may vary.  Below are a list of preventative measures to help reduce your headache attacks.

  • Follow your treatment plan:  Avoid taking medications which are not recommended by Dr. Purath.
  • Seek help:  Dr. Purath will develop preventative measures and the right treatment plan for you.
  • Reduce emotional stress: Take time to relax and avoid stressful situations.
  • Reduce physical stress: Proper rest and posture will allow you to resist daily stress. When sitting for prolonged periods, stretching periodically will help loosen tightened muscles.
  • Exercise regularly: Get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 times a week.
  • Keep a regular routine:  Eat meals and snacks the same times every day.  Get enough sleep at night and continue your weekly sleep patterns throughout the weekends.
  • Know your headache triggers. Keep a headache diary to keep track of what triggers your headaches to help avoid them in the future. Dr. Purath highly recommends understanding your triggers for an accurate diagnosis of your headache.
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