Milwaukee Neurologist Treats Cluster Headaches

A cluster headache occurs on one side of the head and may be accompanied by tearing of the eyes and a stuffy nose. Cluster headaches can occur regularly from 1 week up to a year. Patients who experience cluster headaches usually encounter pain-free periods lasting for up to one month. Patients become frustrated waiting in fear for the headaches to return.

Treatment for Cluster Headaches

Similar to migraine headaches, there are no cures for cluster headaches. Dr. Traci Purath provides treatment and preventative measures for patients experiencing cluster headaches. The causes of cluster headaches are clinically unknown however there are a number of triggers which bring on a cluster headache.

  • Alcohol and cigarette smoking
  • High altitudes
  • Bright light
  • Exertion
  • Excessive heat
  • Foods high in nitrites
  • Certain medications

If cluster headaches have taken over your life, Dr. Traci Purath will provide the support you need. Not only will you find relief from your cluster headaches you will find a compassionate headache neurologist with genuine concern about your well being. Purath Headache & Neurology was founded to transcend the boundaries of a corporate medical practice and allow truly patient-centric care.

Contact leading headache neurologist, Dr. Traci Purath for treatment and preventative measurers for cluster headaches sufferers