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Tension Headache Symptoms

Tension Headaches Treated by Leading Neurologist

Tension headaches are one of the most common headache types. The pain from a tension headache typically radiates from the nape of the head, the neck, the eyes and additional muscles throughout the body. A tension headache causes constant pressure and is present on both sides of the head at the same time. The level of severity ranges and may increase without treatment. Dr. Traci Purath utilizes years of experience to diagnose and treat tension headaches.

Treatments for Tension Headaches

Treatments for tension headaches can vary and should be determined by your headache neurologist. Dr. Traci Purath is dedicated to improving your quality of life with the best treatment for your tension headaches. There are a number of causes for tension headaches ranging from eye strain and stress to anxiety and poor posture. The experience Dr. Traci Purath has gained provides her with an unparalleled level of knowledge for diagnosing the best treatment for your tension headaches. Although there is no single cause for a tension headache, your Milwaukee headache specialist can provide the support in alleviating your pain while focusing on preventative measures.

Don’t let tension headaches take over your life any longer. Let Dr. Traci Purath provide you with the relief you need. The passion Dr. Traci Purath has for her patient’s well-being is unlike any other neurologist. Make your appointment today to receive exceptional care and start enjoying life again!

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