Abdominal Migraine Treatment

Wisconsin Headache Neurologist Treats Abdominal Migraines
Abdominal Migraines Common in Children

An abdominal migraine is common in children and rare for adults. An abdominal migraine is categorized by severe abdominal pain and can last for several days. Abdominal migraines are usually accompanied by symptoms of a common migraine including nausea and sensitivity to light.  Children who experience abdominal migraines usually suffer from migraine headaches as an adult.

Abdominal Migraine Treatment from a Compassionate Neurologist

Dr. Traci Purath’s passion for the health of her patient’s is substantial. Her caring and soothing demeanor is especially comforting for young children. If you or a loved one is experiencing abdominal migraines, Dr. Traci Purath’s has the knowledge to expertly diagnose your abdominal migraine and provide effective migraine treatment options.  Stop suffering and start enjoying your life again with the help of Dr. Traci Purath.

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