Basilar Migraine Treatment

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Wisconsin headache neurologist migraine headache treatmentsBasilar migraines are also commonly known as BTM (Basilar-type migraines) and are a rare type of migraine. These particular types of migraines originate from the base of the brain while affecting both hemispheres. Basilar migraines are often accompanied with aura symptoms. Basilar migraines do not weaken motor skills as other migraine headache types may. Basilar migraines can affect people of all ages yet are most common in adolescent girls.  Symptoms are the same as a common migraine with intensified pain surrounding the entire brain.  Dr. Traci Purath utilizes years of experience to determine the best migraine treatment, allowing you to live your life again. Dr. Traci Purath’s vision of going above and beyond is now a reality with Purath Headache & Neurology, S.C.  Let Dr. Traci Purath help you regain your life with superior migraine headache treatments.

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