Hemiplegic Migraine Treatment

Top Wisconsin Neurologist Treating Hemiplegic Migraines

Wisconsin Hemiplegic Migraine Specialists Dr Traci Provides Expert ReliefHemiplegic migraines are a rare type of migraine characterized by typical migraine symptoms along with a weakness on one side of the body. There are two variations of hemiplegic migraines: Familial Hemiplegic Migraine (FHM) and Sporadic Hemiplegic Migraine (SHM). Both cases generally begin during childhood and progress throughout adulthood. If you are experiencing hemiplegic migraines, you should be examined by a highly experienced neurologist to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Traci Purath draws from years of experience to provide the right diagnosis and treatment plan for your migraine headaches. Hemiplegic migraines are one of the most serious and debilitating migraine headaches. Dr. Traci Purath is very passionate in providing an unsurpassed level of care when treating all migraine headaches. Visit Purath Headache& Neurology, S.C and get started on the path to a better life, free of severe migraine headache pain.

Contact leading migraine headache neurologist, Dr. Traci Purath for hemiplegic migraine treatment and break free of the pain