Acephalgic Migraine Treatment

Top Headache Neurologist in Milwaukee, WI Treats Acephalgic Migraines

Find Acephalgic Migraine Treatment from Dr Traci PurathAcephalgic migraines are not a type of migraine yet the actual phase of which a migraine attack is in. There are 3 phases of a common migraine in which an acephalgic migraine involves phase one and two only.  Phase 3 of a common migraine is the actual headache itself. The typical symptoms involved in an acephalgic migraine are speech disturbance, migraine with aura, loss of vision, vertigo and many more. Dr. Traci Purath is a nationally renowned headache and neurologist specialist and is passionate about her patient’s well-being.  Traci is determined to provide compassionate care and headache relief for every patient. Visit Dr. Traci Purath for the acephalgic migraine treatment right for you and put an end to your pain!

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