Milwaukee Headache Neurologist Provides Tips for Migraine Prevention

Migraine Prevention Tips

As much as Dr. Traci Purath loves seeing her patients, their well-being is in her best interest.  The road to headache pain relief should begin with Dr. Traci Purath’s preventative migraine treatment plans.  Let your Milwaukee neurologist help you start enjoying life again.

  • Avoid triggers: Triggers are one of the biggest causes for a migraine headache and vary in symptoms. Understanding your migraine triggers are the best way to prevent future migraines by simply just avoiding them. Common migraine triggers include strong odors, excessive alcohol, stress, certain foods and dehydration. Dr. Traci Purath strongly recommends avoiding any migraine triggers.
  • Exercise regularly: Exercising can provide a variety of benefits for the human body and should be practiced at all times.  Regular exercise reduces stress and builds a supportive posture all while boosting your mood.  These benefits can reduce the chance for a migraine attack.
  • Reduce physical and emotional stress: Stress is a leading cause for migraine headaches. There are a multitude of stress-reducing antics Dr. Traci recommends.  Whether it’s exercising, meditating or getting fresh air, it’s essential for every individual to take time away from their busy, stressful lifestyles to relax.
  • Maintain a regular routine:  Maintaining the same eating and sleeping schedule every day is important for migraine sufferers.  A balanced schedule eliminates any changes in the brainstem and interaction with the trigeminal nerve, your major pain pathway becoming a migraine trigger.

Above all, if you are experiencing chronic headaches or debilitating migraines, Dr. Traci Purath highly recommends seeking help.   Traci provides the highest level of compassionate care for your migraine headache relief.  Traci will develop an accurate and comprehensive migraine headache treatment plan custom to your your specific symptoms and discuss successful preventative measures. Dr. Traci Purath is the headache neurologist dedicated to your well-being and will help you take back control of your life.

Contact headache neurologist, Dr. Traci Purath, and break free from the pain of chronic headaches and devastating migraines.