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Inpatient Headache Treatment Options at AMITA Health Saint Joseph

Patients seeking inpatient treatment must be seen and evaluated by a Diamond Headache Clinic physician, as a new patient at one of our outpatient clinics. (Chicago and Hoffman Estates Clinics Only)

Our inpatient unit was not only the first inpatient headache clinic in Chicago, but also the first headache center in the entire country to offer a complete, dedicated inpatient treatment plan. The Diamond Headache Inpatient Unit is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, our 43-bed unit at AMITA Health Saint Joseph Hospital is the optimal destination for inpatient migraine and headache treatment. At our inpatient facility, acute headache sufferers — whether they are pediatric or adult patients — experience the benefits of early intervention and working individually with our team of headache specialists.

Every aspect of the Diamond Headache Inpatient Unit is designed to encourage well behavior, teaching patients to cope with pain in healthy, constructive ways. While at the unit, patients wear street clothes and participate in recreational and therapeutic programs. Relapse into pain behaviors, such as withdrawal or lack of routine, are discouraged. Diagnosis and treatment are presented with a multidisciplinary approach. A team of physicians, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, dietitians, physical and activity therapists, and counselors is involved in the care of each patient.


Specific therapy methods that may be used include:

  • Individualized Drug Therapy
    Recommendations are made based on diagnosis and previous response to therapy. Some patients benefit from multiple drugs (co-pharmaceutical approach), which requires close monitoring by the unit’s full-time pharmacist.
  • Psychological Intervention
    Patients participate in group sessions. If indicated in the treatment plan, individual psychological or psychiatric counseling may be initiated.
  • Biofeedback Training
    This non-drug therapy augments other therapies and is extremely helpful to many patients.
  • Physical and Activity Therapy
    Clinic physicians may prescribe physical therapy and such activities as stress management, relaxation training and art therapy. Patient education, discussion groups, meetings with the staff pharmacist and classes with the dietician are a few of our program’s aspects that help patients learn to understand the causes of headaches and the principles of successful treatment.
  • Alternative Therapies
    Massage therapy and acupuncture complement the treatment program, helping patients relieve stress and tension.
  • Detoxification
    Medically supervised withdrawal from analgesic medications is often necessary to lessen drug dependency. Patients will receive the necessary support while stopping these drugs or decreasing their caffeine intake.

Family Involvement

Family members are encouraged to be involved in the program. This is important, since family understanding often relieves anger and frustration caused by the patient’s behavior. It also identifies behaviors by family members that may contribute to stress on the patient.

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If inpatient treatment is recommended by one of the Diamond Headache Clinic providers, we understand there are a lot of questions when preparing for your stay. We highly recommend you review our Inpatient Informational sheet as well as our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other questions please feel free to call us (773) 388-6390!

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The following hotels are located on the near north side of Chicago, just a short commute from the Diamond Headache Clinic. Clicking on the names of the hotels will bring you to their websites. If you choose to stay at one of the nearby hotels listed below, please identify yourself as a Diamond Headache Clinic patient to receive special rates.

Note: Information below is subject to change without prior notice. Please contact the hotel for the most current information and rates.

The following hotels are closer to the Clinic:

River North Hotel
125 W Ohio St.
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: 312-467-0800
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Hotel Lincoln – A Joie de Vivre Hotel
1816 N Clark St.
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The Talbott Hotel – a Joie de Vivre Hotel
20 E Delaware Pl.
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-944-4970
Note: includes complimentary Wi-Fi, 24-Hour fitness center, hotel based restaurant: 20 East

The following hotels are closer to AMITA Saint Joseph Hospital:

The Willows Hotel Chicago
555 W Surf Street
Chicago, IL 60657
Phone: 773-528-8400

Hotel Versey
644 Diversey Parkway
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: 773-525-7010