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Dr. Traci Purath is a nationally renowned headache neurologist providing remarkable migraine treatment in Milwaukee, Madison and all throughout the Wisconsin area.
At Purath Headache and Neurology, we understand the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with our referring physicians and we are committed to provide open communication and collaboratively work together to achieve the highest level of care for our patient.

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How to Refer a Patient

The specialists at the Purath Headache & Neurology and Diamond Headache Clinic are committed to working with you hand in hand to find the right treatment for your patient. To refer your patient to us please complete the steps below:

Step 1

Complete the Referring Physician Form. Please be sure to include all required fields.

Step 2

A representative from our office will be in contact with the potential new patient within 24-48 hours, to review information, answer questions and schedule the initial appointment.

Step 3

After the initial appointment, we will share the clinical notes, treatment plan and collaborate care with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can my patient get an appointment as a new patient?

Once a referral is received, the clinic will reach out directly to the patient for information and scheduling. In most circumstances, a new patient appointment can be obtained within 2 weeks of scheduling.

How will you collaborate with me on my patients' care?

Once a patient completes their new patient appointment, all clinicals & notes from the initial appointment will be sent to the referring physician. We will recommend follow up with the patient. The patient is more than welcome to reach out with any questions or concerns in the interim. That also goes for the clinician! We are happy to discuss the continuum of care once returning to your care.

Can my patient be seen at the Purath Headache & Neurology without having to be admitted to the Diamond Headache Inpatient unit?

Yes! Mojority of our patients are only see here in the clinic. If an admission is receommended by a Purath provider, we would follow the guidelines of scheduling a New Patient Appointment with a Diamond Headache Clinic Provider.

Can I refer my patient directly to the Diamond Headache Inpatient unit?

No. Diamond Headache Clinic does not admit directly from other physician’s offices or inpatient facilities (this includes Purath). A patient must be seen in the clinic first by a Diamond Headache Clinic physician prior to admission. If our physician agrees that inpatient treatment is the appropriate treatment option, the patient can be admitted directly following.

What can I expect after my patient is discharged from the Diamond Headache Inpatient Unit?

Your patient will be discharged with discharge paperwork and instruction for continuum of care. We will request the patient to schedule an appointment with the Diamond Headache Clinic for a 2 week post discharge follow up. Any routine treatment to continue headache maintenance from there can be done with their local physician.

Why does my patient need to be seen in the clinic before admission to the hospital?

A Diamond Headache Clinic physician first needs to assess the patient to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. If agreed upon that inpatient treatment is suitable, our doctor will be the one to write up the hospitalization orders.


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* Patients seeking inpatient treatment must be seen and evaluated by a Diamond Headache Clinic physician at one of our outpatient clinics first.

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