Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are skilled clinicians who utilize various therapy techniques to address the soft tissue or joint imbalances that can contribute to headaches. They also emphasize the importance of active patient involvement in the recovery process by educating patients on optimal posture, helpful repeated movements, and effective strengthening techniques to reduce headache recurrence in the future. 

One way Physical Therapy can be understood is by dividing into active and passive interventions. Passive interventions are activities performed by the Physical Therapist. This can include targeted manual muscle or joint manipulations, manual stretching, heat/ice, and electrical neuro-modulation devices. Active interventions are performed by the patient under guidance of a Physical Therapist. This can include active stretching, low-moderate intensity aerobic activities, healthy repeated motions, and modification of activity. These interventions are designed to empower patients to manage symptoms, restoring function and quality in their lives. 

They can treat patients of all ages and several types of headache diagnoses— including migraine, post traumatic headache, post concussive headache, vestibular dysfunction (including vestibular migraine), and cervicogenic headache. If you are admitted to the Diamond Headache Inpatient Unit you may work with a physical therapist as a part of your treatment plan or your physician may give you a referral for outpatient Physical Therapy treatment.

Treating Headaches with Physical Therapy